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 Official Primordiality Rules - PLEASE READ!

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PostSubject: Official Primordiality Rules - PLEASE READ!   Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:29 pm

Welcome to Primordiality, newcomer!
First of all, we don't find any fun in banning/muting the players, but to avoid the war between the community, we need to use some commands. If you read & follow these rules, you will be able to avoid the trouble and the ban/mute.

Ingame & Forum Rules

Rule #1: Offensive language
Using offensive language non-stop isn't tolerated.
Just keep it at minimum.

Rule #2: Continuous Flaming & Trolling
We are here to have fun, not to tease others.

Rule #3: Racism & Bullying
None of these are tolerated in Resistance.
Watch your words.

Rule #4: Spamming & Autotalking
There is a small exception in this.
You can use Autotalker to sell/buy things, but with atleast 5 seconds delay between each message.

Rule #5: Advertising
Advertising other Private Servers isn't allowed.
If you happen to name a website like YouTube, that's OK.
Just don't name any websites that could cause damage to our playerbase or websites that contain malicious content.

Rule #6: Staff Impersonating
One of the worst things you can do is this.

Rule #7: Black Marketing
You're not allowed to sell/buy any other items but Resistance items.

Rule #8: Scamming, Stealing & Luring
You may not scam people.
Hacking is a way of stealing, if you hack someone's account and we find this out, you will be permanently banned from our server ingame & forums, same sticks with scamming.
Luring is allowed.

Rule #9: Bug Abusing
Bug abusing will not be tolerated in any form.
Abusing a small bug is still against the rules.
Abusing smaller bugs will lead into a smaller punishment, but if you abuse glitch such as a dupe, punishment will be an IP-bann.

Rule #10: Forum Spamming & Double Posting
Let's keep this simple, you are not allowed to post anything useless or non-sense. - You can do it in the correct sections, which specialized for them.
You are not allowed to post twice on the same topic in a row either, unless you have waited atleast 24 hours and you would like to 'bump' your thread.

Rule #11: Miss-Posting
This is a small thing, but we still don't want you to post 'Selling AGS' topics in 'Report players' section.
We are trying to keep the forums as clean as possible.

Rule #12: Thread Hijacking
You may not steal other players' threads.
An example: Player A is selling an AGS, Player B wants to buy his ags.
Suddenly, Player C comes and offers the item for a lower price.
Make your own thread, don't steal them from others.

Rule #13: Low-level, Un-Geared Arena Playing
Using low-level, un-geared players at Arena is not allowed! 48hr Jail! Low-level versus low-level arena is allowed with gear!

Rule #14: Sexual Content
Sexual content is allowed in the correct section.

Extra Info
Staff members usually warn you if you're breaking one of the rules, but this happens once.
Also, some of the rules are very serious, therefore we won't warn you about dupe abusing or anything else, it's a straight punishment.
Punishments are given depending on the rule broken.
Punishments may vary depending on the Staff Member.

Remember to follow these rules! Thank you.

- Premonition, Founder of Primordiality
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Official Primordiality Rules - PLEASE READ!
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